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Jersey native Shatara Curry has officially unwrapped her gift of laughter, which comes as no surprise to many. Now, she is doing what every middle child from a big family does best, she is “sharing”. It was love it first mic, when gracing the stage for the first time at New York’s Boston Comedy Club. She jokes that it was after receiving her bachelors degree, she ran to the closest stage to put her newfound knowledge to the test. Since then Shatara has performed at some of New York Cities top comedy clubs like Caroline’s, Broadway Comedy Club, Comix, The Laugh Factory and Gotham. Doing comedy for over 10 years has also placed her in front of audiences across the country and even overseas.

Shatara or “Shaterrible” as she likes to call herself, freely uses her gift to gabb, speaking her mind with an intelligent razor sharp tongue and an unapologetic sassy confidence. Shatara is so animated, even does a glory song and dance about having no kids and not having crumbs in the backseat of her car. Her outgoing high energy, social insight and stage antics are hilarious. One can’t help, but to love and appreciate her unfiltered honesty. Saying out loud what many of us wouldn’t dare.

By day her work with the child psych/behavioral health population brings out yet another one of Shatara’s multi faceted capabilities. “I absolutely love, love, love working with kids..probably cause I don’t have any of my own. HA!” Although this is another heart tugging job, she feels it has been super rewarding and a blessing for the past 11 years. Just like comedy you have to have really tough skin. Like an adult audience, kids require a lot of you, and their honesty is genuine. There is nothing like an adorable, toothless 8 year old pulling you to the side to let you know with dyer emergency “lady, you have a mustache”. Then there is always that teenager literally having a nervousness break down on the floor, not because they broke their legs, but because their cell phone was taken away. So you best believe, after 5 0’Clock, with a nerve twitching right eye, Shatara is not only looking forward to happy hour, but ready to unleash “Shaterrible”. Letting her hair down,bringing the uncut, unscripted, on edge “off the clock” comedy.

Today Shatara still resides in NJ, doing stand up comedy and continues to add feathers to her snazzy cap. Selling out at the world famous APOLLO THEATRE COMEDY CLUB, appearing on MSNBC, Chris Rock: Good Hair documentary segment, MSNBC; THE GRIO, THE DOCTOR OZ SHOW, ASPIRE TV’S, WE GOT NEXT, and recently taped for TRU TV’S, LAFF TRACKS.