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Shining as New Jersey’s up and coming rising star, Shatara Curry has performed at some of  Tri-States top comedy clubs. Caroline’s, Rascals, Comix, Stand-up New York, Improv, and Gotham Comedy Club as well as established comedy clubs across the Country,U.K, and Canada. Shatara exploded on the comedy scene in 2005, and from then on there was no looking back. Her upbeat,edgy conversational style of stand-up takes you on a journey into her way of thinking and life’s memorable experiences. Feeling appreciative for so many greats like Tracy Ullman, Bugs Bunny,Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Bill Cosby,Lucille Ball, Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Rock. Shatara expresses that laughing comes way before making others laugh.

Delivering a diverse range of comedy, covering everything from being part of a big family, relationships rules, women and their hair, kids today,to her sobering addiction to shopping. Shatara knows no limits, especially when she breaks into songs,dance or, original characters.  Far from predictable,you never know what to expect from this funny lady. Being from a very multi-cultural community in Teaneck,NJ, she reminisces on being the only one doing the electric slide at many Quinces,Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs. Packed with a punch of personality and a lung for laughter, it’s no surprise that this high energetic comic has audience laughing all over.

Never forgetting her biggest influence, her late father who crowned himself “The Boss of The Hot sauce”. Who would have known that so much of his dinner table antics would one day rub off. Shatara made her acting debut in 2003 landing a lead role in the Award Winning independent film, “Gold Digger Killer”. Appeared on NBC’s “Comedian Diversity”, MSNBC’s “Today Show” Panel, and ABC’s “Dr. Oz”. Before following her dreams of performing, she earned a Bachelors degree from Kean University and has worked with Mental Health child/adolescents as a Recreational Therapist. To her,having a giving heart goes hand in hand with sharing a laugh or two or three or one hundred.

She has the gift and is ready to unwrap the talent. Coming soon to a Country, State, and City near you! Make sure you fasten your seat belt because Miss Shatara Curry is Definitely A Trip!!